At On-Call Personnel Inc., we deliver flexible services to maximize your company's efficiency at low costs. Our staffing services enable your company to fulfill short term needs with our qualified employees.


Our mission is to build a lasting and successful relationship that streamlines staffing, maximizes your operation cost, and ultimately makes your company more successful. service. 


Our commitment is to understand and fulfill your company's need by matching our employees to the demands of your business. We take the time to learn your business, its culture and the unique requests of your vacant position(s).


By utilizing On-Call Personnel, your company may easily adapt to upcoming projects, seasonal requirements, and work fluctuations at a cheaper cost.


As you focus on your business, we assume all responsibility for employee recruitment and screening. Allow us to reduce your employment risk and administrative burden. You can rely on us to adequately recruit the perfect match employee for your company.


The contracts for our temporary workers are non-commitment, meaning there are no further commitments after a service is completed.  Although, it is possible to hire these employees full-time if you have a positive experience with them. Our services are readily available for servicing all industries. You can count on us for faster service, qualified temporary workers, and the best services. Give us a call!


Our services cover the fees of:

  • Worker's compensation
  • Screening resumes and conducting interviews.
  • Unemployment expenses
  • Employee benefits expenses
  • Overtime cost
  • Medical & Life insurance cost
  • Payroll taxes and fillings